Clock Dance by Anne Tyler




Anne Tyler’s novels always have a way of enveloping me. She never changes her style and still they are always satisfying to read. She has prose and writing warm and full of grace.
Clock Dance follows Willa Drake from her childhood, her adulthood, her widowhood. And then Clock dance hits its center.

Willa gets a phone call telling her that her son Sean’s ex-girlfriend has been shot and no one to take care of her daughter, Willa decides to go. Her second husband, Peter, though dismayed by this decision accompanies her. For the first time in her life, Willa has made a decision without any influence from outside.

Willa while taking care of two people whom she hardly knows revisits her life, and the people in it, and the love between them.

Only Anne Tyler can write this beautiful story and so simple yet so natural.

Happy Reading!!


A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza




A beautiful story of Indian-Muslim immigrant family, living in California. The story starts with Amar returning to his sister’s wedding after an estrangement. Amar is a kind of person, who I feel is trying to fit in his family desperately and the inability leads him far away from his family.

Story slowly opens up and we get to know that everyone has a share of story to tell, a share of secret, a share of fears, a share of insecurities, a share of pride to bring forward.

An empathetic and capably written. The length of the book was a bit annoying, but a very heartrending story.

Happy Reading!!

Tin man by Sarah Winman



A very beautiful Portrayal of Relationship between three young people. Ellis and Michael becomes friends in their childhood, Michael more and more connected to Ellis through his mother Dora, whom Michael worshipped. And they grow and Annie comes into Ellis’s life making the friendship more stronger.

As I grew older, I came to understand this woman was my mother’s freedom. We love who we love, don’t we?

First part narrated through Ellis’s broken heart and squeezed memories, Part two is more clear by Michael’s narration making the pieces come together and Reader gets a more clear picture. A picture of friendship, love and grief.
Lovely writing and a heartbreaking story!!


Happy Reading!!

Review: And Every Morning the way home gets longer and longer by Fredrik Backman



Fredrik Backman knows how to tell a touchy story in a touchy way. I have always loved his books and I don’t know what too so long to read this, when I had it in my Kindle from a long time.

“Tell me about school, NoahNoah,the old man says..
“Our teacher made us write a story about what we want to be when we’re big,” Noah tells him. 
“What did you write?”
“I wrote that I wanted to concentrate on being little first.”

The story is of a disappearing Grandfather. No… he is not becoming invisible! His memories are fading and he is aware of that. He tells his most cherished memories to his grandson Noah,so that Noah would recite them back and He will remember them again. He tells about his beautiful wife, his love of numbers, his inability to tend to his son, his love for Noah with help of different scrapes of his memories. And Noah loves to hear them.

“Humans are a strange breed in the way our fear of getting old seems to be even greater than our fear of dying. “

The story mainly takes place in Grandpa’s head. It is a sad story of a man perishing and love and family. The man might get old and perish but memories when shared, will always remain. This story also gives us a strong message to share extra, the memories that are going to fade, the unnecessary things that will be a memory later.

“That’s why we get the chance to spoil our grandchildren, because by doing that we’re apologizing to our children.” 

I loved this book very much. Great and short book!!

Happy Reading!!

Review: The Pisces by Melissa Border


Lucy, our protagonist is a mess. Her break-up from long relationship and uncompleted dissertation on Sappho throws her into rocks. When her older step sister becomes aware of Lucy’s condition, she call Lucy to her beach house to look after her Diabetic dog Dominic and also puts her into a therapy group.

Lucy reluctantly agrees and starts living  in her sister’s house. But Lucy repels her therapy group and hates everything related to it. She downloads a dating app, to get into a worse state of mind. She ignores her duty towards the dog. She goes late night walks to the sea and meets a Merman! She takes bad decisions, diving deep into hopelessness.

Lucy is a character who is funny, witty and she wants to be in a committed relationship and fails to find one.  She goes on making mistakes, diving deep into her own mental illness, at one point I wondered if Merman was her hallucination or was he real? She slowly likes her therapy group and sees them in a new light though that doesn’t solve her issues.

It was not a great read for me, even though it deals with emotions of different women and what goes inside their head. But as a woman, I strongly disagreed on that particular point. Plot and characters were ok but narration was a bit dull or too erratic for me. Too much pictorial depiction of sex made me skip pretty good number of pages.

P.S Chapter 41 was especially gross and I totally skipped it.

This book  can be a one time read if you like mentally ill heroine with an excessive sex drive and a unimaginable satisfaction level in terms of relationships.

Happy Reading!!

Review: Blubber by Judy Blume


In fifth grade class, when Linda gives a report on Whales, she becomes target of bullying. Wendy, a girl who likes to control the class begins to call Linda with a cruel name “Blubber”. The class follows her name-calling and so does our protagonist Jill. Jill doesn’t have any particular grudge on anybody in the class, but just to be in the boat, she follows Wendy.

The story follows Jill at her house with her family and at school. Different fun kids have at that age along with bullying and the effects that causes, both psychological and physical. When Jill defends Linda in a situation, Jill becomes the next target and is bullied around in the class. Though, Jill handles it in her way, the story left a deep impact on me seeing how kids can behave, for that age,if not guided and helped.

“There are some people who just make you want to see how far you can go.”

A great read. Imaginable characters and a strong plot.

Happy Reading!!!

Review: Stay with Me by Ayobami Adebayo


This is a story solely based on LOVE.

We meet Yejide and Akin in 1980’s Nigeria and continue along with their life till 2008. Yejide a perfect strong modern woman and Akin perfect for Yegide. Yejide and Akin are university educated and relatively well to do. Yejide runs her own hair salon and Akin works for a bank.

“what would be left of love without truth stretched beyond its limits”

The life rolls up and down when Yegide is not able to have children even when the doctors say everything is perfect with her body. The pressure from the family makes Yegide to try out all the things that she knows of just to get a child. But the story doesn’t set all straight in few chapters. Story slowly unravels where Akin and Yegide relationship goes turns sour but yet so strong, breaking the reader’s heart.

“The reasons why we do the things we do will not always be the ones that others will remember. Sometimes” 

Wonderfully woven story, character so real that I could literally see them. Very powerful plot on love,family and parenthood.

“Sometimes I think we have children because we want to leave behind someone who can explain who we were to the world when we are gone.”

Happy Reading!!

Review: Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren


Nine year old Pippi lives alone in her house, “Villa Villekulla“. She had a Father who was a sailor (buccaneer captain) with whom she had sailed all around the world. But when her Father went aboard from their ship she left the ship with her monkey Mr.Nilsson and a suitcase full of gold bars.

Pippi, is exceptionally strong and her rules are a bit different from other 9 year old children. She dresses a bit odd and is happy with her cooking and housekeeping. She befriends the neighbours’ children, Tommy and Annika and has a lot of adventures with them.

It was a lovely read. I heard the audiobook and it was entertaining!!

Happy Reading!!

Review: Force of Nature (Aaron Falk #2) by Jane Harper


Last year The Dry by Jane Harper was one of my favorites, only because it kept me on the edge. This year I was excited to read her second book in the series and it was better than the first book.

Aaron Falk, along with his partner Carmen, is investigating a financial crime of money laundering in a company. This company is managed by a family, Baileys. Falk was in contact with Alice, who also worked in the same company and was assisting him in the investigation. Alice goes missing on a team building activity with her colleagues hiking a trail which was notorious in the past. As Alice is important in Falk’s investigation, he and his partner digs a bit deep into the case, unofficially and tries to uncover the mystery.

Though this story doesn’t have any major twists and turns or any gory killing, Harper has managed to keep the suspense between the lines and kept the pace too. I loved the setting, the plot, the characters and ofcourse Falk. If you like murder mysteries or one sitting books then this one is the best.

Happy Reading!!!

Review: A Sister In My House by Linda Olsson



Maria and Emma who have never been close even though they are half sisters and lived several years of their childhood together in a same house. When Maria, on a whim, invites Emma to her home in Spain, at their mother’s funeral, little did she know how this invitation will bring a huge change in both their lives later.

Emma, after two years gets in contact with Maria and decides to visit. Maria is dreading her sister’s visit as she was never close to Emma and does know almost nothing about her life. Emma stays for six days and the reader gets to know about the life of these sisters where there is a negligent mother, abusive stepfather, sibling ego’s and wobbly relationships.

A very short and intense novel. I loved the narration and it’s plain plot where nothing much eventful happened but only revelation of past happens. Very well written and quiet.

ARC from First To Read in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making this available!

Happy Reading!!!